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Save time

Spend less time spending verifying your email and phone number at participating websites.

Be anonymous

You decide what to disclose. You can choose different contact info for each website.

Protect yourself

Make it harder for someone to steal your identity. Tell websites to use EtherLink.

Our commitment to you: Your contact information is yours. We will never sell your info. We will not share your info without your permission, except when compelled by a court order.

For organizations

Save money

Add email address and telephone number verification in a few minutes.

Minimize bounces

Sign up users with less steps and reduce your bounce rate.

Redirect or embed

Choose how you want to integrate EtherLink with your website.

For developers

Easy API

We provide a REST-style API designed to help you get things done.

Open source SDK

Libraries and code samples for a variety of programming languages.


Learn how it works and how to integrate your application.

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